Mosaic offers a full suite of financial services designed to help those in the early phases of building their financial future, to those who have a healthy start and are ready to add additional elements to their portfolio, are recipients of inheritance, looking to set up IRAs and ROTH IRAs for additional savings outside of employer plans, and more.
Mosaic Services

Here's how:

The first and most important part of financial planning is organizing. Our two-step approach is about genuine conversations and actionable tools.

Learn more about our process here.

Are you a fan of apps and tools to make your life easier? Great! So are we. We use trusted tools to streamline the process and give you the power of organization at your fingertips. With Mosaic, you have access to tools and information to grow your confidence in financial planning–and you’ll enjoy the process along the way.

We start with a conversation to discuss your financial goals. From there, we assess your risk tolerance utilizing a tool called Riskalyze, which helps give a better picture of your comfort level with risk and what kinds of stocks and bonds might be a good fit for you to start. Already have an investment account or are transferring accounts?  Riskalyze can determine the risk level of that existing account so you’ll have a better idea of similar accounts you might be interested in for the future.  


If you have accounts $100K or below (no minimum!), are just getting started, have rollover accounts from previous employers, are interested in setting up new accounts with periodic contribution plans, and/or setting up IRAs and ROTH IRAs for additional savings outside of employer plans, let’s chat.  Learn more about our Investment Management here.

Complimentary 15-Minute Call

At Mosaic, we tailor a package to meet your current needs.  Life is full of changes and your financial planning should be in sync.  We provide management and guidance in the following areas:

  • Planning and security
  • Analyze your existing accounts and investments utilizing the industry tool Riskalyze
  • Transfer existing accounts and investments to Mosaic custodied at Fidelity (specifically IRAs, Roth, and SEPs)
  • Open new accounts
  • Determine your risk tolerance for investment
  • Organize your current financial situation and determine a starting point
  • Guide you to identify and set financial goals
  • One-on-one interaction with Anna via Zoom or in-person
  • Secure Instant Messaging for convenient communication
  • On-going review of accounts and goal tracking
  • Review, reassess, and planning modification to stay in sync with life changes


It all starts with a complimentary 15-minute discovery call. 

No pressure. No hard sell. 

It’s a simple chat to learn a bit about you and for you to meet Anna. Click on the button below to schedule the first step to financial security – and freedom.

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