At Mosaic, we believe in learning by actively searching for your sources of trusted information. There is a lot of noise out there, so we have compiled some of our favorite places to help us learn, grow, and move forward on our financial and life journey.

Take a listen, read a few pages, bookmark your faves, and let us know which ones resonate best. Education is the best step towards financial freedom.

On My Bookshelf


I listen to this podcast to get a nuanced, thoughtful look at what’s going on in the news. The hosts are two moms, both attorneys from Kentucky, who do lots of research and give good civic lessons along the way. Sarah does a morning news briefing, while Beth does an evening deep dive into various political topics. I especially appreciate how they’ve helped me learn how to talk to my kids about current events in an age-appropriate way. 

Bonus: They wrote a book: I Think You’re Wrong (But I Am Listening), a guide to grace-filled political conversations. Highly recommend!

Donald Miller is an accomplished author who created a marketing company called Story Brand. Story Brand launched “Business Made Simple,” a combination of courses and live coaching focused on helping businesses move forward. I find his podcasts and emails timely and informative.

I am a big Bob Goff fan. On his podcast, he and his guests discuss how to take action on simple ideas so big dreams can be achieved. I find it inspiring and hopeful when life just seems heavy.

Malcolm Gladwell has a way of helping you look at issues in a completely new way. Instead of focusing on whether you agree or disagree on a topic, he encourages listeners to expand their current views with a shift in perspective. His series that he turned into a book was my favorite work of his so far (see above: The Bomber Mafia).

Emily has a very soothing voice. Her podcast gives me a couple of minutes on Tuesdays to spend a little time reflecting on life. She has a way of bringing you back to yourself. She will usually ask questions to guide you through a simple decision-making process.

Other Reading

I follow @smarthernews on Instagram. Jenna talks about the news throughout the day. She is a journalist and digs deeper than news stations on current events. She is thoughtful and great at giving background information. Her kids show up in her stories sometimes and she explains things in age-appropriate ways, too.

I get the magazine weekly. Yes, a physical magazine in the mail! This is my place to get news that goes through a considered, thoughtfully-edited publishing process. I appreciate that It leaves out opinions as much as possible.


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