Ranger Ryan

June 11, 2024

When you spend any amount of time with Ryan’s family, there is always some camping story that comes up. 

Remember that one trip to May Lake?

or that trip with the mosquitos, 

or when we had to hide in the bear box?

Then the photo albums invariably come out, the stories illustrated by well-preserved gems from the 80s and 90s glory days of developed pictures. 

Coming from a family who roughed it at the Best Western, I’ve always enjoyed listening to these camping and backpacking stories.

Backpacking and camping is how Ryan’s family vacationed, starting from a very young age. My family, on the other hand, spent holidays at my uncle’s golf tournaments and in Hawaii. It was lovely: there were hotels, beds, restaurants, two guaranteed cups of coffee every day, and, most importantly—indoor bathrooms. 

After we got married, military life took Ryan away a lot. When he was home, we wanted to stay there and spend time with him. What traveling I did do with the girls away usually brought me back to California to visit family.   

Fortunately, Ryan has been able to introduce some camping to our lives (we all love a good S’more), and it’s still one of his favorite ways to relax with family.

I remember talking to Ryan one day about some fancy vacation friends were going on, and he replied, well, I had fancy vacations too as a kid–Yosemite is the best place on earth! 

I think the most endearing part is the way that they have shared their favorite things, their passion for the outdoors. It was developed over time, one trip at a time, beginning with the planning. I’ve learned that Wayne, Ryan’s dad, is the ultimate list maker. He can spreadsheet with the best of them. Joyce, Ryan’s mom, can execute a plan like nobody’s business. 

A few years ago, my cousins from Florida wanted to go to Yosemite.  As you can imagine, Ryan was all over that.

When you go to Yosemite with Ryan, he knows it. This is his element. We went on hikes, spent an evening under the stars, and just soaked in the beauty.

As Ryan was navigating us place to place, we started calling him Ranger Ryan. 

What’s next, Ranger Ryan?

Why is that owl hooting, Ranger Ryan?

What’s that giant rock called, Ranger Ryan?

He had stories from each place we went to. It was fun to experience him in his element, and he was thrilled to share his passion and knowledge for Yosemite.  

I started thinking about how Ryan had earned that title: through experience, through sharing, by figuring things out and sometimes problem solving. 

Turns out, it’s the same in the rest of our lives. How often do we use our experiences to guide others or even guide ourselves? How much more impactful is an experience when you walk next to others who have done something you haven’t? How much more does it impact our lives when someone doesn’t talk at us, but rather walks with us while we are experiencing something for the first time.  

I think what was so fun about Ranger Ryan was that he was just as excited about the experience as us newbies. The beauty of Yosemite never diminishes no matter how often you experience it. 

I’m finding that we might all learn better with guides, someone with personal experience who walks with you, gives you personal examples and stories along the way, and can lead you through a process that helps your experience become real and relevant to you.  

Could you go on the journey alone and figure it out?  Sure.  

But how much more impactful would it be to have experienced help along the way, asking questions that you didn’t know how to phrase and helping you figure out what is important and where to focus next?

My dad and I have worked together for almost 20 years. He has been a type of guide to me as I navigated the path of becoming a financial advisor, from answering phones to taxes to investments to estate issues and more. My dad has a wealth of knowledge, and I’m beyond grateful for all I’ve learned from working with him.  

Today, I’ve taken my experience and all I’ve learned and become a guide for our Mosaic clients. 

Becoming a guide takes time to accumulate experience, and to me, the reward is sharing that experience to help empower others on their financial journey. 

I really believe that understanding our finances and walking through the process while we journey through life is important. I would be honored to walk with you on your financial journey and help find your starting point.  

This month, I encourage you to think about the people who are in your lives currently, who have been guides to you? Who have you been a guide to? How has that impacted you? How have you impacted others?  

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