A leader in financial services for 40+ years combined experience, Ely Prudent Portfolios works with individual clients, trust clients, foundations, endowments, and pensions to invest and manage assets as a prudent investor. At the heart of their approach is ethical behavior and fiduciary responsibility, excellence based on experience and education, and a prudent and disciplined process. Clients of Ely Prudent Portfolios are encouraged to embrace generosity, anticipate uncertainty, and plan for the things that can be controlled in this world. Mosaic clients interested in investing will be supported by Ely Prudent Portfolios.

IAN is the Registered Investment Advisor for Mosaic. Basically they are the umbrella which Mosaic operates under. They assist with the back office tasks, compliance and technology. They help to complete the team through integration with Ely and Mosaic.

eMoney is the most advanced planning and practice management tool in the industry, and we use it with every Mosaic client. The security of this program is twice the financial industry standard and offers every client a secure, non-transactional wealth management portal. The e-Money system allows our clients to both add information and pull data from all accounts, and offers budgeting and planning solutions.  In addition, their secure vault provides a safe place for the storage of important documents and information. Mosaic handles the subscription, so you won’t have to worry about access to information about your personal life and habits.


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