Organizing Finances

Mosaic offers a full suite of financial services designed to help with organizing finances. We can help those in the early phases of building their financial future, to those who have a healthy start and are ready to add additional elements to their portfolio, are recipients of inheritance, looking to set up IRAs and ROTH IRAs for additional savings outside of employer plans, and more.

Mosaic uses a two-step approach to help with organizing finances:

Organizing Finances

Organize: What do you have now?

To start managing your money, you first need to assemble all the little pieces so you can see the big picture.

Mosaic uses a program called E-money to help you collect and identify all the moving parts of your current financial situation—credit cards, retirement accounts from last employers, Netflix subscriptions, etc. With everything in one place, you can see the complete snapshot of where you’re spending and saving.

More about e-Money
We live in a highly connected world, and it’s often easy to forget all the different places your money is moving or living (I have a monthly carwash subscription?!) Whether you’ve got things color-coded and labeled in a spreadsheet or your current system is a box of receipts in your garage, this is a judgement-free zone to help you get organized.

Plan: Where do you want to go?

One you’ve got your bucks in a row, it’s time to take action. This process is a journey, and planning your financial future starts with the changes and tools you put in place today.

This phase of your organizing finances starts with identifying a few key goals you’d like to achieve. Maybe that’s launching a new business, planning for a vacation, or simply saving for a rainy day. Once you know where you want to go, we talk about the tools you can use to get there. These may include:

  • Budgeting
  • Determining priorities
  • Setting up savings or retirement accounts
  • Investing

Ready for your roadmap?​

The tools and steps along the way to your goal will look different for everybody, and they’ll be personalized for your unique roadmap. When organizing finances, we’ll use E-money and other financial planning tools to create a plan you can start working on right now.