Mosaic As A Guide

July 3, 2024

When I was in junior high, we had a family friend pass away from cancer. My dad picked me up from school early that day. He didn’t say anything, but as soon as I saw him, I knew. We went straight to the Sports Club and swam laps next to each other. He knew I didn’t need to talk things through but just needed to be doing an activity with my body. If I did cry, I was the only one who knew.

I think this was something we both needed, but I was too young to realize that for myself. Now, as an adult, I know to do some form of exercise to let my emotions find their way out. My dad knew early on that actions speak much louder to me than words. 

When I started working with my dad in the office, I learned quickly that this approach also translated to his working style. He would guide me along the right swim lane, but had to do the front crawl myself. For the most part, he wasn’t going to tell me what to do—I needed to figure it out. 

So, I got to do what I do best: observe and absorb how he interacted with clients. I asked lots of questions, figured out who knew what, and learned how to triple-check everything. 

At first, I found myself frustrated by not knowing everything right away. There was always so much to learn. But the reality is my dad is very experienced in his field, and you can’t compare yourself to others when they have years of experience on you. So I allowed myself to learn and process at my own tempo and then moved forward in my own skill set.

Twenty years later, I’ve taken the guide baton and now am honored to be passing it along in my own way. 

At home, I am a guide as a parent to my girls. Within Mosaic, I am a guide to our clients as well as to my friend Murphy, who is working with Mosaic. I am getting to pass on what I have learned and my experience to her. Together we are both moving Mosaic forward into a place to guide people on their financial journey. I have always envisioned Mosaic having a team of guides to walk with clients. 

From my experience both being guided and being a guide, I’ve learned there are three main benefits of having a guide to help you.

1. You pay attention to the details

When I first worked with my dad, I spent a lot of time filling out account applications. We used to hand fill them out with clients and get actual signatures from clients in the office. Then, we had to mail them and wait for confirmation that they were received and accounts were opened. We double-checked the accounts to ensure they were set up correctly. 

As an ideas and concepts person, this detailed work wasn’t my specialty. However, I trained myself to focus and pay close attention because it was important. It’s so much better to take your time and get it right the first time. I learned to stop, pay attention, and be quick to ask clarifying questions.

2. You absorb it better

Just being in the office and answering phones was extremely beneficial as well. Listening to the complex issues dad was working on with clients, from taxes to investments, to estate issues…to quote the musical Hamiliton, “I was in the room where it happened.” You have to be present to learn and absorb the nuances of the financial industry and personal finance. 

3. You stay on track

Now in my own space as a guide for others, I’ve found my experience with my dad has provided the training and guidance for me to help people with their personal finances through Mosaic.

Now, could you DIY your personal finances? Read a great book? Go down the Google scroll hole? Yes, you could, but having a hands-on experience with Mosaic as your guide offers two opportunities you can’t do on your own:

With Mosaic as your guide, we ensure you 

  • Get things set up correctly in the beginning and then… 
  • Monitor them together along the way. 

Life is full of twists and turns, and Mosaic is there to ask your questions before you make decisions. It’s not about the right answers, but rather about the process and directing you back to your “why.” When you have these kinds of conversations in the echo chamber of your own mind, you don’t benefit from an outside perspective that might help reach your goals.

If we are already working together, I am honored to be on this journey with you. Maybe you would like to find out what it could look like with Mosaic as a guide on your financial journey. Please reply directly to this email. I would love to chat with you. Lastly, if you know of someone in your circle who could use some guidance, you can forward this email or do an introduction. 

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