Money Basics

In financial planning, we generally work in five key areas of money management. Some people will heavily focus on just a few of these, while others may spread more evenly across all five. Together, these pieces form your full financial picture (just like a mosaic!), so it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with each of them and begin to consider your own situation as it relates to each area.
Money Basics


Most people have insurance, so this is an easy place to start. First, think about what kind of insurance you have right now: car and health insurance are two pretty common ones, for example. Second, consider where the insurance payments come from. What does your employer provide? What do you pay for on your own? Is there insurance you’d like to get but you currently don’t have?

*Note: While we will discuss insurance, Mosaic does not sell insurance.


Another familiar topic! As you know, there are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to taxes, and it’s important to get the details right. When it comes time to file or fill out a new W-2, we’ll help you think through the big questions. Do you receive a 1099 or a 1040 every January? Do you own a business? Are you married or single? How many dependents do you have?

Future Planning

Future planning is all about the steps you take now for the kind of financial freedom you want to have later. Whether that freedom pays for college tuition, a backpacking trip through Europe, your first house, or just peace of mind in the form of a secure retirement account, this is where your dreams start becoming reality. Start asking yourself now: what are my goals? What do I wish I had the money for?


Investing can be a useful tool in financial planning if you’re looking at mid or long-term goals. Want to buy a home in 5 or 10 years? Investing might be right for you because it’s okay if your funds are tied up for a while. Planning a wedding in two months? You’ll likely need cash handy for important purchases. You’ll also want to think about how comfortable you are with risk: how will you diversify across the types and locations of investments? Stocks can fluctuate, while bonds generate a more fixed interest.

Most important? Remember that investing is just one small piece of the picture. Reacting to current market conditions may lead to making poor investment decisions. Decisions should be made pragmatically, not from emotion or fear—and that’s where Mosaic can help! We offer expertise and guidance to help you focus on valuable actions.

Estate Planning

Until we find the Fountain of Youth, planning for the end of life gives you the ability to leave the legacy you choose. For yourself, it’s important to think about health care directives, while beneficiary, wills, and guardianships designations help protect and support those you love. Establishing larger philanthropic goals allow you to support the charities of your choice.

*Note: This is another topic we’ll discuss over coffee and conversion, but Mosaic can only assist with the charitable giving portion of estate planning.

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