“Mom, you’re like a money doctor.”

January 15, 2024

Recently, I took Katherine for a follow-up doctor’s appointment. We walked into the exam room where the nurse directed me to sit beside Katherine in the doctor’s fancy spinny seat. “Wow,” I said to Katherine, “I’m like a doctor in this chair.”   

Katherine looked at me, thoughtful. “Well Mom, you are like a money doctor. You help people with their financial wellness.”   

My respect for doctors and nurses is immense, and I in no way claim to have anything like a medical professional’s skill or experience. However, Katherine was right in that finances do benefit from having somebody take care of them and look after their health, in much the same way doctors or veterinarians care for the health of people and pets.

Our finances are like a mosaic: each piece is important and unique, but together, you see the whole picture.

Just like a general practitioner needs to understand the whole body so that when someone has an issue with, let’s say, back pain…then they take a step back and ask more questions.  

Mosaic does something similar. We look at the whole financial picture, “diagnose” areas for improvement, and come up with a plan to help you and your family “become” more financially well in the future.

If you have pets, you’ll find it’s similar to vet visits.

Over Thanksgiving, we got two new puppies. With new puppies come Well Puppy Visits at the vet, where they need so much information about the puppy. A questionnaire helps the vet understand which shots, vaccines, and medications we need for the dogs.  

Within Mosaic, we do the same thing to help you start on your financial wellness journey.

We do a checkup to see where you’re at with your finances, what you’re doing great, and which areas you might need help with. Maybe you know a specific area of your finances you really need to check up on. It’s usually why people seek out Mosaic.

At your financial checkup, we might assess your wellness in areas such as:

  • 401(k): are your investments appropriate? 
  • 529 plan: set up savings for your children’s education. 
  • Inheritance: do you have one coming in and no idea what to do with it? 
  • SEP account: your CPA said you need to open one, but what is it and how do I open one? 

These are some of the initial reasons people come to us. More often than not, other financial areas needing attention bubble to the surface. Together, we’ll navigate the twists and turns of your financial wellness journey. There isn’t a destination as much as a path we walk together. We take things one step at a time to work towards where you want to go and find the confidence to accomplish what seemed completely overwhelming at the beginning.  

Are you ready for a financial checkup?

January is Financial Wellness Month, a perfect opportunity to prioritize the health of your finances and goals. You may not have a specific area you know you need to focus on–believe me, I hear so many people tell me they just don’t know where to start. The best place to start is at the beginning, with a questionnaire just like at the Well Puppy Visit or your annual doctor’s exam. Use this questionnaire to begin understanding where you are now; when you’re done, we’ll help you figure out where to go. 


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