Investment Management

First, a quick definition:

Investment management is essentially your strategy for how you handle financial assets and investments. It can include the buying, selling of shares in stocks, as well as overall financial planning, tax preparation, budgets, and checking and savings accounts.

A key piece of investment management is certainly investing in stocks (the stock market), and we’re here to tell you—it’s not a scary or confusing practice. It’s simply one way of managing money that may or may not be right for you, and we’re going to determine that together.

Is investing for you? Here’s an example:

Want to buy a house within the next 12 months?

We might not recommend investing your money, because you need to ensure your cash is ready and available.

Dreaming of retirement on the beach?

A long-term investment strategy might be right for you.

We take away the overwhelm.

At Mosaic, our approach to investing is very clear, simple, and understandable. It’s not a game or a guess; it’s a pragmatic tool to help you reach your financial goals and maximize opportunities for future growth.

If investing is the right decision for you and your assets are up to $100k, your account will be managed by Mosaic. Our partner Ely Portfolios may lend support for their for support and their years of expertise

Investment Management

More questions?

As in every aspect of financial planning, investments can be a tool in preparing for life’s opportunities and challenges.