Introducing Savology: A New Financial Tool for Mosaic

October 11, 2022

We have entered my favorite season…fall. 🍁 The coolness of the mornings and evenings is perfect, and it’s truly more enjoyable to work on farm projects.  

In California, I especially enjoy the gradual nature of the turning of the seasons. I remember living in Wyoming, and some years it would go straight from summer to winter: one year, the leaves didn’t even change colors–the snow came quickly and just stripped the green leaves right off the trees along with the whole fall season.  

I believe gradual change is essential in our journey through life. Not only is it important for us to appreciate those micro changes in the moment, but also to take the time to reflect on how far we’ve come.  

A great example in my own life is through these blogs. It’s been just over a year since I launched the first blog, and the journey has been surprising. I started with an idea for Mosaic and have been taking steps forward to further understand what will help people on their own financial journey. Throughout this adventure, I’ve been searching for a tool to clear out the noise in the financial world to help people focus on their personal and family finances.  

Today, I’m so pleased that steady exploration has brought me to just such a tool, a new program Mosaic has partnered with called Savology

Savology is an online program designed to help you organize your finances and build a better understanding of where you are on your financial journey.  

How Savology works: 

It starts with collecting information about where you’re at now financially. How much do you make? What do you currently have in savings? How about life insurance? Then, it walks you through questions about where you want to go…short, medium and long term goals.

Once you’ve answered the questions, you’re presented with an overall picture of what your finances look like and what your next steps should be to achieve your goals. You’ll also have access to tutorials and educational videos to help clarify some of the confusing financial concepts.

Most importantly, this is where Mosaic comes in. With a clear picture of where you’re at now, we can use your Savology profile to talk about where you want to go and implement more thoughtful, advanced planning to reach your goals. 

Who is Savology for? 

In a nutshell, Savology is perfect for those just getting started on organizing their finances and working toward financial independence. Often, this group is the working professionals age 25-45, single or married, maybe with a family. 

Now I know many of you reading this are not in this demographic. So here are some other ways to use Savology: 

  • Your adult kids. You can forward the link to your adult children. I have been contacted many times by parents asking me to help their adult children with their finances. Savology creates a good starting point, after which I can reach out, thereby alleviating the awkward family and money dynamics.  
  • Business owners, human resource directors and managers. Savology can be sent out to employees as a financial wellness tool. In addition to a retirement plan you have set up for employees, imagine what an extra benefit this would be to attract new employees. We would work together to have Mosaic come in and give tailored advice to employees or larger group seminars–whatever best fits your organization. 

How Savology can help you: 

“Oh that’s what my 401k looks like.” 

“I’ve been meaning to get that guardianship set up.” 

“Wow, I need to save more each month.” 

These are just a few real comments from existing Savology+Mosaic clients, but the experiences are countless and personalized. Savology can help individuals and couples have deeper conversations about their finances. 

From there, we’ll have a conversation together to review actionable next steps and move forward toward future goals. You don’t have to figure it out alone, and I can give gentle nudges to make sure things get done.  

Interested in learning more about Savology for yourself, your employees, or your kids?

Click here for a free month’s trial of the program. Let me know what you think!  

P.S. Anna here, dreaming big dreams: I would love to take Savology into high schools and colleges as a financial literacy program–a place to share the financial concepts of investing, savings, debt and goal setting. If you are a teacher, administrator, professor or someone who also sees the need for financial literacy please reach out to me.  


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