Taking Inventory: What’s on Your Financial Checklist?

November 9, 2021

At Mosaic, we talk a lot about organizing your finances. It’s an important part of reaching your goal—but it only works if you actually know what you’re organizing! Enter the financial checklist.

One of the first steps in organizing your finances is to understand what counts as “finances” and which of them you actually have.

Take our farm, for example. When my family and I moved into our 10-acre farm a year ago, I was so excited…and a little overwhelmed. 

We’d been living on a military base for the past year, where everything was taken care of for us. Before that, we owned a couple of city houses over our military moves, all of them with small yards. 

10 acres was a major transition.

I needed to start somewhere to wrap my head around our new property. 

So we started with taking an inventory of what we had.

I started with trees!

Taking an inventory of the oak and fruit trees was the starting point in helping me understand the pieces that make up our property.

The same concept applies to finances.

When you consider your whole financial picture, it isn’t only your bank accounts and investments.

It’s your insurance policies, your will— even car insurance counts!

Below, you’ll find a checklist that Mosaic has put together consisting of potential accounts, documents, and policies you may (or may not!) have. Consider it a guide to help you think through what you have in place. You can probably check off some of these right away. A few of them might be familiar, but you’re not totally sure. Others might leave you scratching your head completely: “What is this?!”*

And that’s totally ok! Believe me, you are not alone. 

The most important thing right now is to start taking inventory.

Get started today by filling out the financial checklist below. The first step in reaching your goals is to know where you are starting from. Click this link to download and print the checklist!

*Take a look at our glossary to help learn the lingo!


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